Elf Power Goes on Tour with Madeline Adams

Elf Power has announced a European tour this winter to support their new album of the same name. The album is a tribute to longtime friend and mentor Vic Chesnutt who took his own life in late 2009. Elf Power and Chesnutt collaborated on an album, Dark Developments in 2008 and toured extensively with him through the years. The friendship that was forged through these partnerships and their loss is firmly felt on Elf Power

Supporting Elf Power across Europe is Madeline Adams, a singer songwriter from Athens, Georgia. Adams, who has been writing her own music since she was 15, has made a name through her poignant lyrics, haunting voice, and unique song writing. She recently released her third full length album, White Flag.

Elf Power - Stranger in the Window by Deus Ex Machina Publicity

Madeline - White Flag by Deus Ex Machina Publicity


Nov 29 - Gent, Belgium @ Cafe Video

Nov 30 - Tillburg, Netherlands @ 013

Dec 1 - Haarlem, Nethlands @ Patronaat

Dec 2 - Vienna, Austria @ Der Gute Club

Dec 3 - TBA

Dec 4 - Ancone, Italy @ Gratis Club

Dec 5 - Cesena, Italy @ Treessessanta

Dec 6 - Rome, Italy @ Init

Dec 7 - Bologna, Italy @ Covo

Dec 8 - Zurich, Switzerland @ TBA

Dec 9 - Luzern, Switzerland @ Treibhaus

Dec 10 - Freibrug, Germany @ Swamp

Dec 11 - Lyon, France @ TBA

Dec 12 - Zaragoza, Spain @ La Lata de Bombillas

Dec 13 - Madrid, Spain @ El Juglar

Dec 14 - Zamora, Spain @ Theatre

Dec 15 - Vitoria, Spain @ University Auditorium

Dec 16 - Barcelona, Spain @ Moog Club

Dec 17 - Castellon, Spain @ Tanned Tin Party

Dec 18 - Lleida, Spain @ Cafe Theatre

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