Vintage TV Goes Digital

Those who have cable or satellite television have access to classic shows on TVLand, American Life Television, Nick at Nite, or something else, but for those still using digital sets or converter boxes things are different. That is, until now, perhaps.

MeTV has been a Chicago staple for several years, providing viewers with endless repeats of shows like Leave It to Beaver, Bewitched, I Love Lucy, The Munsters, Sanford & Son, and more recently, Happy Days, The Nanny, and Scrubs. Its success led to multiple affiliates and a sister network, MeToo, which airs dramas like Perry Mason, Charlie’s Angels, The Man From UNCLE, and Gunsmoke. Now the company behind it is taking the brand nation-wide beginning January 2011.

Also, following this idea is Antenna TV, a new oldies-based network that is also launching nationwide next year. Its schedule will partially consist of MGM movies, similar to the This network. (Past movies shown have included Easy Rider and The Great Escape alongside lesser known films) The rest of its airtime goes to reruns of series including The Monkees, All in the Family and Hazel.

Of course, the channels are sharing some of the same shows: below is a look at what both of the stations plan to be airing, though that may differ per location. Either way, be sure to check your local listings and re-scan the channels on your TV set in order to see either Me or Antenna TV.

The Three Stooges

The Partridge Family

Here Come the Brides

Dennis the Menace

Burns & Allen


Good Times

Father Knows Best

MeTV commercial