Mark Fell: Multistability

Mike Newmark

This is the first of two late-2010 solo records by SND member and clicks-n-cuts renaissance man Mark Fell.

Mark Fell


Label: Raster-Noton
US Release Date: 2010-12-07
UK Release Date: 2010-11-22

Man, SND is on a roll. Six years of nothing, then a torrential blizzard of supreme microsound and stunning beat science on 4,5,6 in 2008 and the full-length bruiser Atavism in 2009. While the Mat Steel half of SND usually stays quiet outside of official releases, the Mark Fell half keeps eternally busy with lots of recorded output under his own name. Fell released two full-length solo records in late 2010. Multistability is the first one, and it keeps the sonic palette much the same as SND’s latest music: clipped bursts of funk synthesizer, warped, tactile rhythms (beanbags, bouncing rubber balls, handclaps) and airless space. Relative to Atavism, the gaps between this album's beats are more oddly timed, the melodies more askew and not quite as sticky. Grabbing onto a consistent groove is challenging even while paying attention, mainly due to the clash between Fell’s irregular constructions and the diamond-cut precision of the sounds within them. Multistability is an easy record to admire but a hard one to love, appealing mostly to the SND fanatic who thought that Atavism was too listenable.

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