Blessed Are the iPhone Owners, for They Are Saints Among Sinners

As a child, I tried, week after week, to convince my parents that we should just watch church services on TV on Sunday mornings. Doing so, I argued, was just as good as going to church. I lost this argument each and every week.

Now, the Catholic Church has blessed the new “Confession App” available for the iPhone. Though the Church has made it clear that this application is not meant to replace traditional confession, I can’t help but feel a certain amount of I-told-you-so-ness in this techno development.

For my part, I have eschewed cell phone use for most of my adult life for the most banal of reasons: I just don’t want to be accessible to any/everyone at all hours of the day. (Funny that I blog on the Internet, though). It will be interesting to see if the looming cellular presence of Catholic Guilt will scare people away from the iPhone. Also, I can’t help but wondering, given that this app hit the iTunes store after The Beatles did, if John Lennon was somehow right.