Telepath: Crush

Telepath Music

Telepath is a man, Michael Christie, masterminding what he describes as “a continuously evolving musical organism”. I haven’t heard his first two albums, so how evolved Crush sounds if you compare it to the rest of his oeuvre, I don’t know, but the album has a roaming elation that makes me think I wouldn’t mind finding out. He works with multiple collaborators, yet Crush has been shaped around a bouncing sensibility that must be Christie’s own. A lot of the time this sensibility makes itself known through a reggae rhythm or a bhangra bounce, dhol drums banged and rattled, and an atmosphere that shifts between vigor and peace, never quite letting you rest. A piano is roused. Within minutes Crush is defending truths in Babylon. “Freedom, freedom”, sings a voice. Excited by drums we are calmed by flutes and women.

RATING 7 / 10