The June: Green Fields and Rain

The June
Green Fields and Rain
Rainbow Quartz

Here is a band who proudly wear their influences on their paisley-patterned sleeves. The June hail from Parma, Italy, though they might as well come from ’60s Liverpool or ’90s Manchester. Opener “Feel the Sunshine” is one of several lysergic pop songs on the album that float by in an Oasis bubble, while the Beatles are conjured up on “I’m Looking Out” — let’s call it an homage to “Strawberry Fields” instead of a blatant rip-off. With a steady hand on the sitar, nimble fingers flitting over the mellotron and a casual way with the backwards-looped tape, Chris, White and G have the catchy ’60s pop hooks to win you over with their second long player, Green Fields and Rain. Listen to “Smile”, a hurdy-gurdy carousel of sublime dream-pop, and the excellent “Waterfall in the Woods”, and get converted too.

RATING 7 / 10