Pinch: Get Up

Timothy Gabriele

It’s unclear why we’re just now getting the remixes for “Get Up”.


Get Up

US Release: 2010-09-14
UK Release: 2009-11-23
Label: Tectonic

It’s unclear why we’re just now getting the remixes for “Get Up”, the second cut off of Pinch’s 2007 debut LP Underwater Dancehall. The Tectonic boss man has released a number of other singles in the interim, most of which are only available on vinyl, and he keeps throwing out promises of a follow-up album, but his recorded output seems to just be a constant reminder to all those who might have forgot that he was the one who wrote “Qawwali”.

“Get Up” is a motivational piece, a call to put bodies in action, practically primed to soundtrack the heroic third act of an underdog sporting film (I’m picturing boxing). As such, it requires a jumpup riddim, something only half of the single’s four remixers attempt. While Jack Sparrow turns in a rather conventional, conservative 2007 dubstep yawn, RSD’s mix is the highlight, its cinematic strings and jittery half-step free-form flow besting even Pinch’s original. Guido goes untethered as well, but has more of languid pop approach. There’s none of the fat and crunchy sine-wavey synths that characterized his Andidea, but he doesn’t avoid dipping in to that characteristic G-Funk cheese, even riffing with some Miami Vice guitars at one point. LV does an King Tubby-style dub of the cut. The second half of LV’s “version” retread is the only part of this release that actually toys with Yolanda’s vocal. All other cuts even go so far as to beat-match the vocal, which can make for a pretty tedious listen in one sitting, but I guess that’s not the point of these things anyway. Overall, Get Up is not a career high for any of the artists featured, which begs the question; why is it lingering around three years later? Let's get going on that follow-up, Pinch!

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