The Year in Music: August 2010

Continuing out look at the year’s most notable events in the world of music, here’s what happened in August 2010.

August 2010, the subject of our latest look at the year’s biggest events in music, was a month full of teen talent and TV events.

The Jonas Brothers open their “Live in Concert” tour featuring Demi Lovato and other co-stars from the Camp Rock movies. The tour is considered unsuccessful, as cancellations due to weather and low ticket sales cut into profits.


CBS airs higlights from the annual Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day event. In 2010, it featured performances from the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, David Archuleta, Allstar Weekend, Shontelle, and others.


Five hours after its release, Taylor Swift’s “Mine” becomes No.1 on iTunes, setting a new record. The first single off her then-upcoming Speak Now album, it was critically praised for its wordplay but panned by others for sounding too much like her other hit, “You Belong With Me”.


In a special issue, Rolling Stone magazine lists “A Day in the Life” as No.1 in “The Beatles: 100 Greatest Songs”. The magazine also featured a foreword written by Elvis Costello, special sections about the members of the group, song statistics, and high-quality, glossy-print photos.


Chicago’s “Lollapalooza” music festival features performances by the Black Keys, Arcade Fire, Switchfoot, Blues Traveler, B.o.B., the Strokes, Jimmy Cliff, Erykah Badu, Soundgarden, Neon Trees, Thenewno2, Hot Chip, Devo, Lady Gaga, Green Day and more.


Katy Perry releases her second pop album, Teenage Dream. Despite its hit singles and her many TV appearances, including hosting the 2010 Teen Choice Awards, the album undersold expectations.


Other albums released this month were Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs, Lady Gaga’s The Remix, Fantasia Barrino’s Back to Me, David Gray’s Foundling, John Mellencamp’s No Better Than This, Filter’s The Trouble With Angels, Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs’ God Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise, and the Nirvana compilation Icon.


Some of the notable people in music who left us this month is “Sunny” singer Bobby Hebb, pop singer Dana Dawson, the Stone Poneys’ Kenny Edwards, country singer Bill Phillips, the Dillards’ Mitch Jayne, jazz singer Abbey Lincoln, the Call’s Michael Been, jazz musician Ahmad Alaadeen, the Free Design’s Chris Dedrick, guitarist Catfish Collins, the Diamonds’ Ted Kowalski, drummer Richie Hayward, the Gap Band’s Robert Wilson, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool’s Charles Haddon,

In Americana music the present is female. Two-thirds of our year-end list is comprised of albums by women. Here, then, are the women (and a few men) who represented the best in Americana in 2017.

If a single moment best illustrates the current divide between Americana music and mainstream country music, it was Sturgill Simpson busking in the street outside the CMA Awards in Nashville. While Simpson played his guitar and sang in a sort of renegade-outsider protest, Garth Brooks was onstage lip-syncindg his way to Entertainer of the Year. Americana music is, of course, a sprawling range of roots genres that incorporates traditional aspects of country, blues, soul, bluegrass, etc., but often represents an amalgamation or reconstitution of those styles. But one common aspect of the music that Simpson appeared to be championing during his bit of street theater is the independence, artistic purity, and authenticity at the heart of Americana music. Clearly, that spirit is alive and well in the hundreds of releases each year that could be filed under Americana's vast umbrella.

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