Ke$ha: 24 February 2011 – Chicago

It was another chilly Chicago evening last Thursday, yet you weren’t able to tell that judging by the number of Ke$ha fans surrounding the House of Blues, waiting to see the pop party girl during her first very own headlining ‘Get $leazy’ tour. The sold-out performance was packed with young fans mimicking the singer’s fashion sense, sporting revealing clothing, fishnets, and glitter wherever it would stick.

Ke$ha took to the same stage that her fellow pop contemporaries Lady Gaga and Katy Perry appeared on a few years back, prior to their sudden rise to fame. Now she is hoping to hold her own, and it seems like that won’t be much of a challenge.

She made sure to come prepared for her first go at touring, equipped with visuals designed by the same team behind Daft Punk’s light show, including a massive two-level stage setup. It turned the show into a spectacle you would expect to find at an arena, and for a mid-size venue such as the House of Blues was a welcome addition and helped with transforming it into an all-out dance party.

Ke$ha launched the show with “Sleazy”, kicking the party off right, with fans jumping and dancing non-stop, glowsticks waving in the air. She moved onto songs such as “Take It Off”, “(Fuck Him) He’s a DJ”, and a solo version of Taio Cruz’s “Dirty Picture”.

It’s surprising that it took this long for Ke$ha to finally head out on a headlining tour of her own, as the fans have been more than eager to see her live considering the whole tour is now sold out. We will certainly see more headlining tours from Ke$ha in the future, though I have a feeling they will be at much bigger venues next time. The “Get $leazy Tour” continues across the country through May 6th.