Eclectic Method – “Outta Sight” feat. Chuck D (Kotchy remix) MP3 (PopMatters Premiere)

British producers Eclectic Method have been pushing the boundaries of music and video during a long career in which they’ve worked with music from diverse artists like U2, Phish, Fatboy Slim and now Chuck D. Ian Edgar, Jonny Wilson and Geoff Gamlen aren’t your average DJs or producers, as they think as much visually as aurally, and blend both into their audio-visual mixes. After their recent SXSW appearances, Eclectic Method took the stage of the Jimmy Fallon show with Copyright Criminals (video below). Their latest work is “Outta Sight”, a collaboration with hip-hop legend Chuck D that includes some self-referentiality to the artistic method in lines like “it’s not audio-visual, we living in the visual-audio age”, suggesting that imagery is now the most potent cultural form. Kotchy’s remix of the tune gives the song more of an electro edge. Contrast that with the more spare and direct original in the video below.

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