Moving Pixels Podcast: Everyone Is the Champion of Kirkwall

Given how much Dragon Age II occupied our thoughts on so many of our blogs in March, it seems inevitable that the Moving Pixels podcast crew would gather to discuss our varying takes on the game.

Despite its more limited geographical scope, Kirkwall is a game world well suited to an expanded discusssion. Bioware’s ambitious efforts to tweak combat, experiment with narrative, and present one of the most inclusive casts in gaming are just a number of topics worth returning to in our expansive chat about the game.


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Our podcast contributors:

Rick Dakan is a regular contributor to the Moving Pixels blog as well as to the Gamma Testing podcast.

G. Christopher Williams is the Multimedia Editor at You can find his weekly updates featured at the Neuromance blog.

Nick Dinicola is also a regular contributor to the Moving Pixels blog.

Thomas Cross contributes frequently to the Multimedia section at, and he also pens the Diamond in the Rough column for GameSetWatch.

Kris Ligman contributes frequently to the Moving Pixels blog at, and she also serves as an editor for The Hathor Legacy.