Detroit Grand Pubahs: Madd Circus

Detroit Grand Pubahs
Madd Circus

For over a decade, the Detroit Grand Pubahs have reigned supreme as some of dance music’s funkiest technicians, not to mention some of its most inventive. On their fourth full-length LP, the duo of Paris the Black Fu and Mr. O dive headfirst into the art of booty music. Across 18 kinetic cuts, the seasoned DJs bring both the noise and the funk with an urgency they have not displayed since their days on the legendary Motor City techno label Throw Records. Their rejuvenation is evident on the electro-heavy prowess of tracks like “Autotronik” and “Zombies Playing Dead”. Elsewhere on Madd Circus the duo branches out beyond their comfort zone, veering off into the realms of organic funk (“Mashed Potatoes”) and experimenting with bass-thick dubstep (“Mysterious Sights”). Madd Circus is a fine testament to the inventive playfulness of these two ringmasters of modern club music.

RATING 6 / 10