Fox News flubs rap & New York Times flubs twitter

You might not be too surprised to see Fox News bend the truth but here was a nice instance where their ignorance and hypocrisy could easy be pointed out- their own furor that they raised over rapper Common being invited to the White House. Luckily, there's writers like Julianne Escobedo Shepherd who can put together a good piece on Alternet to show how not only stupid FN can be but also their two faced nature.

You'd expect better from the New York Times- as least they have Jon Caramanica covering rap and knowing what he's talking about. When it comes to Twitter though, their editor needs to stop being a twit. As this TechCrunch article explains, Bill Keller set off a storm, saying that Twitter makes you dumb, doing it right on Twitter itself. As TC tells us, part of it was to flame up some arguments and get attention (hey, it worked here!) but ultimately, it shows Keller and the NYT by association to be out of touch, tech wise. As if you didn't need proof of that already from their so-called pay-wall...

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