Arthur’s Landing: Arthur’s Landing

Arthur's Landing
Arthur's Landing

There’s no denying the importance of Arthur Russell on the landscape of the avant-garde. From experimental pop to art-disco to minimalist classical music, the late downtown NYC cellist/composer/songwriter has been the guiding light of inspiration for nearly three generations. Arthur’s Landing is a multi-faceted ensemble of Arthur alumni from a variety of the man’s old bands, including the Sailboats, Singing Tractors, Loose Joints and Dinosaur L. The marquee names amidst this motley crew include Talking Heads/Modern Lovers guitarist Jerry Harrison, drum programmer Mustafa Ahmed of Afrika Bambaata’s Soul Sonic Force, one-time Modern Lovers bassist Ernie Brooks and Peter Zummo of The Lounge Lizards on vocals and trombone. Together, this mighty ad-hoc unit delivers all-new arrangements of 12 of Russell’s most intriguing compositions, including “Your Motion Says”, “Miracle 2” and “I’ll Be Fencing”, implementing all facets of Russell’s wide sonic net. Arthur’s Landing, both the band and the album, is a truly unique fusion of flavors that does great justice to the oeuvre of this unforgettable creative legend.

RATING 8 / 10