Anti-Social Music: Is The Future of Everything

Anti-Social Music
Is The Future of Everything

The merry musical pranksters of Anti-Social Music have been getting up to all kinds of trouble for a decade now, and the shenanigans rear their awkward, dissonant heads again on this rough and tumble collection of the fabulous and bizarre. Is the Future of Everything at times calls to mind the work of Germany’s finely refined Ensemble Modern, and at other times doesn’t even bother to recall what happened a few measures before. This collective bangs and badgers its way through 20 compositions of varying length and purpose in just over an hour. David Durst’s “Correction” and Ken Thompson’s “Rut” are among the more challenging and pleasing pieces, although not necessarily in that order. Two other tracks that require your full attention are Andrea La Rose’s “Grunt Work For the Avant-Garde” and Kamala Sankaram’s “Bitter Suite”.

RATING 7 / 10