Tomorrows Tulips: Eternally Teenage

Tomorrows Tulips
Eternally Teenage

Former Japanese Motors man Alex Knost teams with girlfriend Christina Keyes for this journey to the center of the garage. Distorted this and distorted that abound on Tomorrow Tulips’ Eternally Teenage. The drums hang on to the beat with a less tenacious grasp than ol’ Sloopy, and the whole thing is one big, lackadaisical affair. Fair enough. The pair even gets a few decent tunes out of this approach along the way, splitting vocals as they go, but how does this improve upon anything those Black Angels, those Raveonettes, or many of the bands signed to the In the Red imprint have already done? It doesn’t really. All the slack translates as lack, and that’s too bad.

RATING 4 / 10