Miwa Gemini: Fantastic Lies of Grizzly Rose

Miwa Gemini
Fantastic Lies of Grizzly Rose
Rock Park

Weirdos always make great music, and anyone who writes a soundtrack to her own made-up tale about a muse she met in Joshua Tree over 100 years ago gains the title of “weirdo”. Van Gogh and Einstein were also anything but normal, so Miwa Gemini shouldn’t frown at that label. Fantastic Lies of Grizzly Rose is one of the more artistic albums released this year, displaying a variety of sounds such as Italian waltz, country western, and “Misirlou”-style surf rock, but without ever getting too “out there”. Gemini studied classical music while growing up in China, and later she studied art in NYC, where she still resides. It’s apparent that her experiences with both eastern and western cultures is what grants her such an eclectic sound.

RATING 7 / 10