The Horrors – Skying (new album / video)

The Horrors



Releasing: 25 July (UK), 26 July (US)

If music critics love three things, those things are name-dropping obscure bands, abusing adjectives, and post-punk. When reformed UK Goths the Horrors released their Chameleons-esque second album, Primary Colours in 2009, music critics filled a thesaurus entry for the words “haunting” and “drony”, as well as sentence after hyperbolic sentence praising the album’s many hues and layers. From the sounds of new song “Still Life”, critics will be hitting up all over again come July 26, when third album Skying sees its release via XL. In the meantime, we can all enjoy the synths and, to an extent, Faris Badwan’s ever-improving singing voice with nary a descriptive in mind.


01 Changing the Rain

02 You Said

03 I Can See Through You

04 Endless Blue

05 Dive In

06 Still Life

07 Wild Eyed

08 Moving Further Away

09 Monica Gems

10 Oceans Burning