Golden Bloom: March to the Drums

Thirteen minutes of pop bliss from young pop master Shawn Fogel.

Golden Bloom

March to the Drums

Label: The Sleepy West
US Release Date: 2011-08-16

Shawn Fogel offers us a 13-minute power pop taster that comes off as effortless, uplifting, and easy-going. In reality, this is three songs with a few short interludes, but those songs are really something. “We Have Grown” will appeal to fans of Wilco, Arcade Fire and the almighty Okkervil River, no matter that Fogel has a voice of his own, one that shines brightest on “Rhyme The Reason” (which recalls the Kinks’ “Waterloo Sunset”), although the anthemic “You Go On (& On)” ain’t half bad, either. As for those interludes? They’re fun. Necessary? Maybe. Maybe not. But fun. Like this whole thing. More, please.

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