EDM: Night People

Under a new moniker, the band moves forward while referencing its past.


Night People

US Release: 2011-07-19
UK Release: 2011-07-04
Label: Western Vinyl

Early Day Miners may have had its roots in slowcore, but the band pushed it sounds in more ways that that always dodgeable label would suggest. After the group seemed to be dissolving, they came back in a new form as EDM with Night People. This incarnation of the group melds some Americana influences into its work, moving away from post-rock sensibilities with a sound that's frequently more urgent, as on “Hold Me Down” and the pop-rock of “Stereo / Video”. The band's own roots haven't been pulled up, though. A cut like “Milking the Moon” keeps the shoegaze tendrils active even as it shifts into the dreamier “Turncoats”. The band's new name references its past even as it moves forward, and it's a good representation of the group's aesthetic development as well.

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