Moving Pixels Podcast: Misogyny, Misandry, and ‘Catherine’

A new puzzle game from the Atlus Persona Team, Catherine blends surprisingly difficult puzzle platforming with a strong narrative on masculine anxieties and adult relationships. Most interestingly of all, the game asks players to voice their own opinions on love, marriage, and children, but does it really demand a truthful answer?

Moving Pixels podcast regulars G. Christopher Williams and Kris Ligman are joined this week by Skyler Moss from Gamepad Dojo to discuss the game’s mechanics, characterization and gender representation. Disagreements over interpretation abound as we explore Catherine‘s morality system, multiple endings, and structural cohesion in attempting to marry gameplay to a very dissimilar plot — or is marriage even the appropriate metaphor to deploy here?

Secrets are revealed, plot twists are spoiled, and the titular Catherine receives a thorough deconstruction, along with several others of the game’s colorful cast. Can Skyler decide whether to agree with Chris or Kris and escape the podcast unharmed? When the night sky turns to glamor, anything could happen.


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Skyler Moss is a contributor for Gamepad Dojo and GamerLive.TV. You can also follow him on Twitter @GamepadDojo.


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Kris Ligman is the Associate Multimedia Editor at In addition to contributing weekly to Moving Pixels, she is an editor for both Critical Distance and The Hathor Legacy.


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