Your Virtual Fall TV Preview: Fridays

New TV series were hyped at an all time high in 2010, only to see disappointing ratings and early cancellations. As a result, this fall will see more new series debuts than last year. But what will stay and what will get cancelled before Christmas? Looking at a show’s premise and competition, I previously predicted the demises of Running Wilde, Detroit 1-8-7, My Generation, and Outlaw, so let’s see about this year.

(The listings shown are for the Central Standard time zone.)

There’s a good reason why there are only two new primetime series on TV Friday nights. Last year, we seen five new shows added to Friday nights. Three were canceled, one was moved to another night, and only Blue Bloods still remains in its original timeslot. But still, CBS and NBC are giving us something new before the weekend.


CBS’ A Gifted Man focuses on a typically arrogant surgeon who starts to change his ways after conversations with his ex-wife, his deceased ex-wife. Is she a ghost? Is he losing his mind? For the time being, he’ll figure it out as he starts helping out at a free medical clinic. If it sounds interesting to you, watch it while you still can. The network has recently had bad luck with both medical dramas (Three Rivers, 3 lbs.) and Friday nights. (Medium, The Defenders, and Chaos were all cancelled after airing in this timeslot.) Even though the concept isn’t entirely original or exciting, I still think the show might work on another night. (Debuts 23 September)


NBC wants us to imagine a world where the worst parts of fairy-tales are real in Grimm. When a police detective discovers that he is blessed/cursed with the ability to see “Grimms”, fantasy creatures disguised as humans, he decides to bring the assorted witches, trolls, big bad wolves, etc. to justice. Despite the cool concept, it’s easy to see why I doubts about Grimm’s survival. While FOX’s Fringe and The CW’s Supernatural divy up the sci-fi/horror viewers this series would appeal to, CBS’ CSI: NY still manages to trounce all of its competitors in the ratings. Grimm is yet another show that should be in another timeslot. (Debuts 21 October)