Surfer Blood: 16 September 2011 - Los Angeles

Sean P Costello

Surfer Blood's captured performance at the Echoplex.

Surfer Blood
City: Los Angeles
Venue: Echoplex
Date: 2011-09-16

Our photographer Sean P Costello was down at Los Angeles Echoplex venue to catch Surfer Blood's September performance.

Surfer Blood bass player Kevin Williams

Surfer Blood singer John Paul Pitts playing an Alt de Facto RB6 Fano guitar

Surfer Blood singer John Paul Pitts performs the song Swim from their album Astro Coast

A fan gets on stage to sing with the band on the song "Catholic Pagans"

A fan sings with Surfer Blood singer on song "Catholic Pagans" from their Astro Coast album

Surfer Blood bassist Kevin Williams with guest guitarist and drummer for opening band Hands, Sean Hess

Surfer Blood singer John Paul Pitts playing an Alt de Facto RB6 Fano guitar

Confetti Falls as Surfer Blood singer John Paul Pitts jams on the song "Anchorage"

John Paul Pitts channels Jimmy Page on the Surfer Blood song "Anchorage" to finish their show

Surfer Blood guitarist Thomas Fekete

Surfer Blood set list 9-16-11 at Echoplex LA

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