Gigamesh: Gigamesh EP

Gigamesh EP
Our Label International

The production touch of Gigamesh (aka Matt Masurka) brings with it a very specific philosophy: If you’re not dancing, something’s wrong. To this point, he’s most famous as the guy behind the electronics for Matt Posner’s pop radio hit “Cooler Than Me”, but he’s dipped his toes into indie pop, retro dance, and whatever Radiohead is these days (via a still-terrifying remix of Kid A‘s “Everything in its Right Place”). Everything he touches ends up with a thumping backbeat and electronic noises that evoke rainbow-colored glitter. As such, his first four solo tracks, released on this self-titled EP, hold no surprises whatsoever. These are songs that meet at the intersection of Daft Punk and disco, an application of today’s technology onto yesterday’s beats and sense of style. Opener “When You’re Dancing” has as much in common with Stevie Wonder and early Michael Jackson solo records as it does with the modern pop scene, while “It’s So Intense” is a ridiculous, trippy little sample-fest in search of a proper soloist. Closer “People” is the most modern thing here despite the vague evocation of Donna Summer by vocalist Nicole Godiva. It sounds as though it might make a nice backdrop to one of those “CSIs Doing Serious Business” montages on CBS. For all its influences, the Gigamesh EP is a lightweight, inconsequential thing from front to back, but yes, it will make you move. That certainly counts for something.

RATING 6 / 10