Young Antiques: A Man, Not a Biography

Young Antiques
A Man, Not a Biography
Two Sheds

Atlanta’s Young Antiques return with its first album since 2007’s Soundtrack to Tear Us Apart. A Man, Not a Biography is a blazing and bratty post-rock affair that opens with the kick in the teeth of “Gotta Get Over You” and closes with “The Last Thing”, an equally uplifting piece o’ rock. “Tell Me What” serves as a digital bonus track. Blake Rainey, who has released a few fine solo efforts in recent years, penned this material, further evidence of his role as one of the better writers to emerge from the Georgia music scene in recent years. These lads are best when they play it fast and loose, such as on “I Can’t Stand Anymore” and “Fucked Up in Public”. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait four years for the next installment in the Young Antiques story.

RATING 7 / 10