Light FM: Buzz Kill City

John Bergstrom

Fourth album from ex-Chicagoans crackles with power pop energy. Make way for alt.RAWK!

Light FM

Buzz Kill City

Label: Light FM
US Release Date: 2011-10-04
UK Release Date: 2011-10-01

Though now based in Los Angeles, Light FM started out in Chicago. That's important, because Buzz Kill City falls in line with the Windy City area's power-pop lineage. You'll hear elements of Cheap Trick, Material Issue, and, or course, touring mates Smashing Pumpkins, especially on opener "Mercy". Frontman Josiah Mazzaschi and his crew throw in other influences, too, from Cars-like New Wave to stomping glam. It's not the most original thing you'll hear, but when it all comes together on a track like "Indirect Communication", it's a shot in the arm for a navel-gazing indie rock scene that could use one.

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