The Coolest Car Commercial You’ve Ever Seen… No, But Really

Though I do cringe at paying extra, I admit that I’ll go to the occasional 3-D movie in theaters, just to see how different the experience is. What I didn’t realize until very recently, was that I could get a similar experience for free, just by standing on the sidewalk at the right time and place.

In the ever-evolving world of advertising, there is a trend rising in, quite literally, every direction: 3-D Mapping Projection. This technology, which is certainly too complex for me to understand, much less explain, is simplified by Wikipedia as “any method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane”.

In essence, this magical process allows for companies with the right tools to project onto a still building three-dimensional images that appear to decorate, alter, enhance, or even move, the immobile structure. This concept is being incorporated with great success by many of the larger media/advertising companies, and has successfully peddled the wares of companies such as Adidas, LG, Samsung, and numerous car companies.

Below is a video of how Pearl Media implemented this incredible technology to promote the Lexus CT200h, by projecting on the back of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA, as well as a tape of Samsung’s use of the same technology on a building in the Netherlands in 2010 (try to ignore the in-your-face TV that appears at the end and focus on the cool use of the building, if possible.)

For more information, videos can be found on the Pearl Media website here that briefly explain parts of the process of creating these stunning, multi-dimensional commercials.

Lexus Ad:

Samsung ad:

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