Tayisha Busay – “Heartmeat, Lovemuscle” Video (PopMatters Premiere)

Tayisha Busay is an electro-dance band known for their energetic live performances and sparkle-heavy, bouncy, music videos. The band, comprised of Tessa G, Ariel Sims and Brandon LalaVek, is based in Brooklyn. Some of Tayisha Busay’s past popular tunes include such colorful titles as “WTF You Doin in My Mouth” and “Soul Power”. This highly unique band has their own sound and their own style, listing among their influences “Classy meets trashy, dancing like you mean it, glitter and sweat, heavy and hard, short and sweet”, just to name a few.

“Heartmeat, Lovemuscle” is Tayisha Busay’s newest single, and the video is all too appropriate for Valentine’s Day. The lyrics are clearly about love, past, present and future, and the overall vibe is quirky love story — we watch as different candy hearts and other holiday-themed sweets flash before us and shape shift into the lyrics of the track. Confection-like in its aesthetic, the video employs glitter in more diverse and inventive ways than a homemade valentine, and colorful graphics grab the eye while highlighting the pounding beat and echoing vocals. The overlapping close ups of the band members are playful and visually appealing, even, perhaps, evocative of the infamous morphing sequence in Michael Jackson’s iconic “Black or White” video.

The video for “Heartbeat, Lovemuscle”, making its premiere here on PopMatters, is produced by Tiny Baby Giants, and directed and edited by Tessa Greenberg. The single is lifted from the band’s newest album titled Focus/Virus, out now on iTunes. And, as with so many of Tayisha Busay’s ultra catchy songs, I guarantee you’ll be humming this tune straight through to Valentine’s Day.