Wildlife Control Plays with Time in Video for “Analog or Digital”

Wildlife Control is quite literally, a band of brothers. And not your average one at that. Formed in late 2009/early 2010, Wildlife Control is an indie rock band, made up of brothers Neil and Sumul Shah, originally from Northeast Pennsylvania, who came together because they both felt that music like theirs had to be made. Part of what makes them so unique is that the brothers live and operate on different coasts, Neil being based in Brooklyn, and Sumul calling San Francisco home. Somehow, though, they manage to play shows, during which they switch on and off with different instruments, sharing vocals and incorporating drums, guitar, and piano (they also have a long time friend who cameos on bass). What makes Wildlife Control even more unconventional? They’re lack of a record label. Having premiered their first single “Analog or Digital” in December, they’re due to debut their first EP, “Spin” in March. The brothers are also looking to release a full LP later in 2012, all while being unsigned. Responsible for their own recording process, any song you hear of theirs could just as easily have been laid down in a stairwell or local park as in an actual recording studio.

Proving that you don’t need high production values and star power to create a really solid visual accompaniment to a song, the video for “Analog or Digital”, shown below, makes the absolute most of modest budget. Filmed in a single day on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach using both stop motion and time-lapse technology, the video is entertaining and visually interesting, a great complement to the infinitely catchy and likeable song itself. The brothers describe the outcome of their effort saying, “It’s not really a video at all. It’s more like a dynamic animation”. And dynamic it is. Check out this creative video below, and be on the lookout for more to come from Wildlife Control in the future.