One Model Nation – “Transmission” Video (PopMatters Premiere)

You might know Courtney Taylor-Taylor from his position as the front man for popular band the Dandy Warhols. However, when not playing guitar or singing for the alternative rock band, he acts as the creator and writer of graphic novel One Model Nation. A music man by trade, Taylor designed the graphic novel to be accompanied by an album that would be released in conjunction with the comic, along with illustrative music videos. One Model Nation was conceived in 2000 by Taylor-Taylor and Donovan Leitch, whose original vision for the series revolved around a fictional German band operating in the year 1977. The pair assert that the music for the series was completed within three days, yet the final development of the storyline took over 10 years to perfect, with the finished result having only recently become available in wide release.

The setting for One Model Nation is described by Taylor and Leitch as: “Germany, 1977. The economic miracle is at hand. An entire generation that has grown up with the shame of World War II embraces western culture as capitalism begins to take root….A Radical segment of the youth fight back against a repressed nation. Their only figurehead of this violent, well dressed revolution is a band soon to be forever lost in time; One Model Nation.” Essentially, as the youth search for guidance during this tumultuous period of time in history, they are inspired by the music of techno/industrial pop band One Model Nation, whose sound is influenced by the likes of Kraftwerk, David Bowie, Tangerine Dream and Klaus Nomi.

Below is the new video for One Model Nation’s “Transmission”, making its premiere here at PopMatters. The story for the video was written by Courtney Taylor-Taylor, with illustrations by Jim Rugg and animation by Dan Berry. Don’t forget to also check out One Model Nation’s LP Totalwerks, Vol 1, which hit stores on January 31st, and is brought to us by The End Records.