Jonathan Kane’s February: Live at Issue Project Room

Jonathan Kane’s February
Live at Issue Project Room
Issue Project Room

Recorded over two nights in early 2010 this explosive six-song set finds the founding Swans drummer becoming, over the course of the album’s 49 minutes, the premiere purveyor of the post apocalyptic blues. This is the honky-tonk where the propulsive laundromat rhythms of Sonic Youth and Can come together with the primal visceral yawp of Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters. “Blissed Out Rag”, an eight-minute trip in which the group mainlines paradise, and “Smear It” are fine examples of the dark lyricism the quintet practices throughout. The triple guitar attack of Peg Simone, Jon Crier and David Bicknell works seamlessly throughout and bassist Adam Wills’ growling lines add an extra holy/unholy texture. A surprising “Motherless Child” offers a perfect and strange oasis during the record’s latter half while the closing “Sis”, almost predictably, pulls out all the stops.

RATING 8 / 10