Check Out Elizabeth Olsen’s Next Project “Silent House” Filmed in One Continuous Take

There once was a pair of twins named Mary Kate and Ashley. Need I say more? Well, apparently so, because, while the Olsen twins have become a household name, and now sit at the throne of a multi-billion dollar empire, their younger, more talented (there, I said it) sister, is still emerging from obscurity into the spotlight. Elizabeth Olsen, 23, who appeared in several of her sister’s TV movies when she was young, made her big screen debut last year as the star of indie Sundance darling, Martha Marcy May Marlene. Her subtle and nuanced portrayal of a former cult member attempting to reconnect with the life she left behind won her positively rave reviews, and even generated serious buzz of an Oscar nomination. After such a star-making turn, the industry has been chomping at the bit for more from the stunning actress, eagerly awaiting her next project. Enter Silent House.

Silent House, a horror film that will open to wide audiences on March 9, is a remake of an Uraguayan film released in 2010 called La Casa Muda. The original, which was filmed in Spanish, was directed by Gustavo Hernandez, and earned recognition at the Cannes Film Festival. The plot of the film was nothing out of the ordinary for a horror flick — a young woman spends the night in her family’s new house, only to learn that it is filled with something evil that traps her inside. However, it was the filming process of the original film that truly made it stand out. The 78-minute film was shot in one long continuous take, with no editing involved. This gave it an air of immediacy, and allowed the action to appear as if it was happening in real time — a documentation of 78 minutes in the life of this horrified woman. There are also many who claim that La Casa Muda was the first horror film to be shot in this way, joining a select group of other films who’s directors were daring enough to take this method on. The new, English-language version, Silent House, directed by the team of Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, borrows the plot and technique of the original, with the uber-talented Elizabeth Olsen filling the central role. Again filmed in one take, the new Silent House looks to have not only an intriguing horror plot, but also the potential to act as a tour de force for the young actress. Let’s just hope it lives up to the original.

Check out the trailer Silent House, opening in theaters March 9, and expect new clips from the film to surface on youtube shortly