“Blinged Out the Toilet with Play-Doh”: A Video Chat with Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd is a woman of oh so many interests and talents, with a resume even bigger than her bubbly personality. She began her career as a stand up comic and part-time legal secretary, which soon transformed into a full-time position as a sitcom actress. Never one to be pigeonholed, she now willingly shares her opinions on the popular talk show The View, that is when she’s not reprising her role as the brilliantly hilarious Angie Jordan on NBC’s 30 Rock or or working on books like her 2009 effort Permission Slips: Every Woman’s Guide to Giving Herself a Break. A fixture on the red carpet, she recently held court at the Oscars, and also held a supporting role in the Katherine Heigl thriller One for the Money. Rather than be confined to only the world of acting, she will soon make a play for conquering the physical world, when she confronts the competition on Dancing with the Stars.

Ms. Shepherd’s warm and winning personality shines through in all situations, especially in the interview below. She is both a mother to a six-year-old, and a newlywed, and its clear that these are the most important roles in her life, translating into everything she does. This makes her a particularly excellent choice to act as the host of the Clorox Lounge’s new online series The Last Comic Sitting, a competition that pits five mother and five father stand up comedians against each other as they share stories of parenthood, especially their experiences in the bathroom. Each week, viewers will vote on their favorite performance, and the lowest scoring competitor will be ousted based on these results. The flushings will continue until only one comic is left to claim the $10,000 cash prize. Check out the interview with Sherri below, as she shares everything from who on 30 Rock would win Dancing with the Stars, to her search for serenity in her commode, to who she was mistaken for at the Oscars.