A Place to Bury Strangers Debuts Single “You Are the One”

Brooklyn noise rockers A Place to Bury Strangers’ newest LP, titled Worship, out from indie record label Dead Oceans, will hit the scene June 26. The band’s third album will feature songs written, created and overseen in every aspect by the band itself. Bassist Dion Lunadon says, “Every sound on the album is made by us and our tools; tools created by us, used on no other recordings, and purposefully built for this project. This is real. Some of it is the band being in complete control — bending, shaping and building the songs and the sounds. Other parts are the band relinquishing control and letting the songs and sounds take over and produce themselves. We are not trying to reinvent ourselves, but simply push ourselves further in all aspects of our music.” Single “You are the one” is below, and gives fans a sample of what to expect in APTBS’s newest labor of love, Worship.

Check out “You are the One” below, and look Worship in stores June 26.


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