Prinzhorn Dance School’s Video for “I Want You” Makes Its Debut

Prinzhorn Dance School is composed of two artists, Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn, whose names fuse to create the band’s title. Their first eponymous album was released by DFA Records, and made its debut in 2007, garnering the group acknowledgment for its unpretentious and unique sound. Since then, the environmentally friendly band (they have a recycling clause built into their contract) has been preparing their second album. After years of toil, their sophomore LP, Clay Class, also produced by DFA, dropped on January 31.

Below is the video for their single “I Want You”, which is part of Prinzhorn Dance Schools’ new single EP of the same name. The EP will feature the single and four new b-sides. Echoing the group’s minimalist aesthetic, the video is filmed entirely in black and white and comprised of a series of close ups, mainly of parts of the singers’ bodies. Beginning with shots of their mouths, it moves to close ups of their hands, faces and ears, perhaps making an allusion to the five senses in some way. This series of visuals is accompanied by the strong guitar beat of the song, and the gentle motion of the two singers swaying in tempo to the music. Intermixed are shots of the artists engaging with the camera in stares that appear at once welcoming and defiant, while the minimalist acoustics and vocals echo in the background.

Enjoy the video for “I Want You” below, and be on the lookout for Prinzhorn Dance School’s new EP of the same name, which just came out April 10th.

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Call for Music Reviewers and Essayists