Lonely Drifter Karen - "Three Colours Red"

Happy, like serotonin.

If some records sound like night drives through the city, while others order windows thrown open and the outside -- all air and light and summer's scent -- let in, then perhaps we’re ready for the post-video age. Because you really don’t need to see the accompanying clip for "Three Colours Red" by Lonely Drifter Karen. Quite the opposite. In fact, this is the second video I’ve seen this week that isn’t a patch on the tune.

I mean, what are videos for these days; they're rarely more than sharp-cornered pacifiers: there to keep us quiet while we drool over our laptops. Surely, all we need are ears, and some God given daylight this time of year, and everything should be – in the words of Quagmire – “Hot diggity!”

Bonkers band name: Lonely Drifter Karen. Very obvious (but opaque) cinematic reference: Trois Couleurs: Rouge. Nevertheless, it’s a cracking track; waltzing as it is on the spot, swinging its long skirt around like Stevie Nicks tipsy at an indie disco.

It’s just... happy, like serotonin.

I could be wrong, but I reckon we’re going to be hearing a lot from Lonely Drifter Karen’s new album Poles, this year. Kind of 2012’s Little Dragon.

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