Rachael Sage – “Invisible Light” MP3 (PopMatters Premiere)

Enigmatic New York singer-songwriter Rachael Sage returns this May with her 10th career album releasing via her own successful indie label, MPress Records. Haunted By You (May 22) is a captivating song cycle about passion, desire and romance, both the glorious highs and the depressing lows. Sage took a different approach with this new set of tunes, penning them all on guitar, not her primary instrument, both to prove she could do it and to shake things up. The material was written during a period of her life when she went through a number of relationships in short order, both breaking hearts and being on the receiving end as well. As Sage explains, “I fell recklessly in and out of love multiple times while writing this record. I broke a couple hearts… and I also had my heart broken pretty badly.” Today we bring you the online premiere of album track one “Invisible Light”, a song that expresses romantic longing and the endless search to find a real soulmate.


1. Invisible Light

2. Abby Would You Wait

3. California

4. The Sequin Song

5. Performance Art

6. Everything

7. Ready

8. Haunted By You

9. Birthday

10. Hey Nah

11. Confession

12. Soulstice

13. Invisible Light (reprise)