Sean Bones: Buzzards Boy

Jedd Beaudoin

There are moments when you want to be embarrassed about liking this pop record. Then they pass.

Sean Bones

Buzzards Boy

Label: S/S Friends
US Release Date: 2012-05-08
UK Release Date: Import

The sophomore release from indie popper Sean Bones covers a wide terrain––a mishmash of music one might find in the Caribbean and on the summer streets of cities throughout the U.S., all of it easy to dance and groove to. “Four Dub” takes us to space via a boom box and an intimate vocal performance; “Tell Me Again” takes us to the dance floor and the bedroom, while “Cobra Trips” is a journey to Strawberry Fields on a cloud-tinged afternoon. There are moments when you don’t want to like this record––you start questioning whether it’s too produced, whether it’s too eclectic, whether Bones is just another pretty face. Then the first chorus or verse kicks in and you wonder how you could have been so silly as to question The Truth when you heard it.

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