Ourlives: Out of Place

Out of Place is a grandiose short-player that should bring the band plenty more fans and acclaim.


Out of Place

Label: Spartan
US Release Date: 2012-03-13
UK Release Date: 2012-03-13

Ourlives' Out of Place is a sweeping, gorgeous, and perfectly realized moment. Not a moment throughout this entire EP is wasted. Everything's played to perfection; the sequencing is masterful, and the production is sublime. Ourlives continue Iceland's winning streak in grandiose and emotive music in more than impressive fashion. They match Sigur Ros' exhilarating peaks and bring to mind a diverse blend of influences Radiohead to Van Dyk Parks. All five songs seem anthemic in some way and each offer unique highlights. Another comparison that comes to light in the excellent "Nuna" is Explosions in the Sky. The two bands share a similar approach in their style, artfully blending elements of post-rock and more emotive and traditional pop/rock. That Ourlives match Explosions in the Sky in presentation is nothing short of a shocking triumph for the Icelandic four-piece. Pick this mini-masterpiece up.

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