Tallhart: Bloodlines

Equal Vision

Max Bemis of Say Anything really believes in Tallhart. So much so that he launched a branch of an existing record label to help get them off the ground and to work closely with them. It’s easy to see why after an initial (and several subsequent) listens to the band’s solid EP, Bloodlines. There’s great songwriting at the band’s core both lyrically and musically and their music can explode out of the speakers in the same way that early Manchester Orchestra did. They’ve got the pop chops ofthe Killers and understand how to make their music sound as huge as possible without dumbing it down, like some infuriatingly successful bands (I’m looking at you, Kings of Leon). Every song here suggests these guys are poised for a breakout. Don’t be surprised if you hear the name Tallhart a lot more.

RATING 7 / 10