Daydream Vacation – “Feeling That I’m Floating” (video) (PopMatters Premiere)

Daydream Vacation is an appropriate enough name for a band that conjures up a dizzying electro-pop trip. As a forthcoming review of the duo’s debut album Dare Seize the Fire on PopMatters describes it, “There’s the pop aesthetic of Matt & Kim, but the bombast and energy of Andrew W.K.” Combining the efforts of producer-type Dave Einmo (of Head Like a Kite) and singer Asya (of Smoosh), Daydream Vacation comes on the scene just in time for summer, its hot-and-bothered beats topped off by cool, disco queen vocals. Premiering on PopMatters, the video for “Feeling That I’m Floating” finds Daydream Vacation on the top of its game musically, as Einmo’s resounding, club-ready rhythms give Asya’s pop-driven singing a foundation from which to work. Plus, it’s hard not to notice and appreciate that the twosome are having a little fun with the video. Dare Seize the Fire is out now.