Deer Tick: 9 June 2012 – Chicago

Deer Tick

Deer Tick stormed the Metro in Chicago Saturday June 9 alongside the Turbo Fruits and Chicago locals Scott Lucas and the Married Men.

Booze rock virtuosos Deer Tick intoxicated Chicago’s Metro Saturday June 9, with support from Turbo Fruits and Scott Lucas and the Married Men.

Decked out in suits fit for a ’70s wedding band, Deer Tick delivered two hours of sweaty, beer battered rock and roll.

The band immediately won fans over by opening with “Ashamed”, the first track off their first album War Elephant.

Throughout the evening Deer Tick interchanged between soulfully crooned ballads, and rambunctious testosterone rock anthems.

The band stirred the crowd with staples off their latest album, Divine Providence, including “Main Street”, “Let’s All Go To the Bar”, and “The Bump.”

Guitarist Ian O’Neil.

Tick Heads.

Bassist Chris Ryan sporting a perfectly tailored leisure suit.

Deer Tick’s fearless lead vocalist John McCauley.

McCauley and Ryan.

Drummer Dennis Ryan took lead vocals on his original serial killer jam “Clownin Around”.

O’Neil delivered his upbeat rock ballad “Walking Out The Door” off Divine Providence.

Chicago alt-rock legend Scott Lucas joined Deer Tick onstage for the transient love tale “These Old Shoes”.

McCauley plays to shirtless fan who climbed onto the stage.

View from the balcony.

In the heat of the show the band took it down a notch and laid down a cover of “Mother” by John Lennon.

Tick Heads.

A Deer Tick show would not be complete without a couple of raunchy covers and a super jam. For the final stretch Turbo Fruits and Lucas appeared to play Beastie Boys’ “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)”.

Another Tick Head storms the stage.

Time to hydrate.

Deer Tick + Turbo Fruits = Deer Fruit.

Bassist Chris Ryan reaches new heights.

During the climax of “Let’s All Go to the Bar” Ryan dove into the crowd alongside a surfing fan.

After a safe return to stage, Ryan bids his fans adieu.