Heavy Cream: Super Treatment

Heavy Cream
Super Treatment
Infinity Cat

The ladies (and gentleman) in Nashville’s Heavy Cream have, with Super Treatment, provided us with Example Number 12,774 (rough estimate) of the enduring majesty of the half-hour long, scuzzy garage punk record. Co-produced by Ty Segall, and released by Infinity Cat – a man and a label who know a thing or three about this gloriously unhinged strain of rock ‘n’ roll — Super Treatment wears its influences on its (tattered) sleeves and even telegraphs its sound via song titles: It’s pretty easy to guess what an album full of titles like “‘79”, “Prison Shanks” (“I love it here in women’s prison!”), “TV Preachers”, “The Jam” (about fking, not Paul Weller), “Deadbeat” and “Evil Eye” is going to sound like. Winners abound, but be sure to check out “John Johnny” (where frontwoman Jessica McFarland loves her man so much she’d rather “stick [her] head in the oven than live one day without his lovin’”), “TV Preachers”, with its uncanny, self-righteous Johnny Rotten sneer and the can’t-believe-it’s-not-a-Wild-Gift-outtake-about-being-young-and-broke “Bad Genes”. And like HC’s 12,773 predecessors, the band does not disappoint.

RATING 7 / 10