Tina Dico – “Moon to Let” (Zero 7 Remix) (PopMatters Premiere)

Denmark’s Tina Dico possesses a deep, atmospheric voice suggesting the chilly outdoor landscapes of rural northern Europe mixed with the cozy interiors of rich colors and a fireplace. In other words, her voice is perfectly suited to music that is simultaneously cool, moody and warm. So, taking the spare approach of Dico’s new single, “Moon to Let”, and adding in layers of bubbling synths, Zero 7 adds a further warmth to the song with an electronic sheen.

The “Moon to Let” EP will release on 16 July (UK), 17 July (US) and features the original tune and remixes like this one and another by Fink. Dico’s new album, Where Do You Go to Disappear?, produced in Iceland with her musical partner Helgi Jonsson, will be available on 10 September via her own label, Finest Gramophone.