Ride to Reissue ‘Going Blank Again’, Rest of Catalogue

Pitchfork has reported that Ride are set to reissue Going Blank Again, Smile, Carnival of Light, Tarantula, and OX4_The Best Of. The band has also established a new website for their new label, Ride Music. Be forewarned: that website is just about as chaotically constructed as “Perfect Time,” so best of luck getting it to load — and navigating it.

From what my investigatory journalism skills can discern, the details of this whole campaign are a tad unclear. Pitchfork‘s write-up is pretty thorough, and it indicates that the reissue of Going Blank Again will be packed with a DVD that contains the long lost footage of the band performing at London’s Brixton Academy. Yay! However, the band’s official YouTube channel, which is responsible for uploading that “Perfect Time” clip, suggests that the reissues will come together in one lavish (likely expensive) box set. Boo! Long story short, I can’t say for sure what all of this will look like, so I invite informative comments below.

No matter what, I beg you, members of this eternally cool band, to make this box set or these reissues or whatever it is you are doing readily available and affordable in the United States. To date, I’ve been about as successful tracking down that Nowhere reissue as I have been getting my hands on the My Bloody Valentine reissues, which is to say, not very.

Below you can check out a previously unreleased Portishead remix of Ride’s “Moonlight Medicine,” the lead track from Carnival of Light.