Photek – “Levitation” (Altered Natives remix) (stream)

Jez Collins recently praised Photek’s addition to the DJ Kicks series saying, “Photek maintains the quality that the series has become synonymous with, while providing us with a glimpse of a new, and dare I say it, more mature artist. An artist no longer worried about playing to the crowd, rather, an artist following his own musical path.”

Next week Photek is releasing a new EP featuring his new single from DJ Kicks. It’s entitled Levitation Remix EP and features several remixes of the tune “Levitation”. The Soundcloud just released is for the Altered Natives remix of the song.

UK producer Altered Natives (real name Danny Yorke) loved getting a chance to work with the brilliant Photek, saying that “It was a great honour to get the opportunity to remix one of my music heroes. Photek’s drum arrangements and sense of percussion always inspired me when I was younger so it only seemed right in my mind that I remixed his work in my own percussive style. I chose to follow his song’s original structure as I loved the classical feel and progression of the original version plus his use of more organic sound, so I chose to rewrite using less of the original’s parts instead replaying it all with sounds organic/inorganic more familiar to this end of my own production spectrum.”