A Lull: Meat Mountain

Meat Mountain is fearless in its experimentation and seems to represent an important transitional step for the band.

A Lull

Meat Mountain

Label: Lujo
US Release Date: 2012-06-26
UK Release Date: 2012-06-26

A Lull's Meat Mountain is a relatively engaging EP that shows the band flexing a little more muscle than they did on Confetti, their striking debut from last year. Luckily, these songs still maintain an intrinsic drive, a sense of purpose, and a few unshakable melodies. While Meat Mountain is only five tracks, it still feels like a complete work that the band invested an extraordinary amount of attention to in its making. At times, Meat Mountain feels like a full-length because of how many ideas are packed into it but it never once finds a single song veering into claustrophobic territory. They're still primarily an electro-pop band but their impulses are growing darker and more varied. All things considered, Meat Mountain offers up a great track or two and suggests the band is transitioning to something important.


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