Videoing: Reader LP

Videoing's Reader LP mixes a plethora of lo-fi elements with high-tech analog equipment to channel their dark alt-pop through.


Reader LP

Label: SlackElectric
US Release Date: 2012-07-10
UK Release Date: 2012-07-10

On incredibly rare occasion, I come across music that strikes me as both genuinely authentic and completely unique. That sensation has never been stronger than when I put on Reader LP, the debut record from an Austin, TX music project called Videoing. The trio behind Videoing all seem to be multimedia artists with no reservations or fear in regards to experimentation. Reader LP is one of the most chaotic, bleak, and aggressive listening experiences I've ever had. Yet they inject the proceedings with so many unique elements that it continuously keeps me on-edge as I return to it each time. There's a certain sense of mystery here that elevates the intrigue aspect and punctuates the sense that this is something completely new. While not every song is a great one, they piece together well enough to make this an outstanding release that's worth a lot of investment.


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