Cinema, Cinema: Manic Children & the Slow Aggrssion

Cinema, Cinema
Manic Children & the Slow Aggression
The Lumiere Label

Cinema, Cinema are out of their minds. That was the first thought I had after my initial listen to Manic Children & the Slow Aggression. Fast forward to a few weeks revisiting it and thinking about it more, I decided that I’m still right. Cinema, Cinema are out of their minds. There’s no set logic to their song structures, which constantly shift tempo and seem like they incorporate other songs randomly into any place where it barely fits. It’s just two guys on a mind-bending thrill ride cranking out as much frustration as they possibly can via extremely pissed off power punk songs that have a slight blues influence. Bizarrely, these songs manage to not only be listenable but often catchy. Manic Children & the Slow Aggression is a truly off-the-wall release that’s worth spending a few nights with.

RATING 6 / 10
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