Sea Wolf Rehearsal Video for New Song

In anticipation of their upcoming album, Old World Romance, indie band Sea Wolf has released a live rehearsal video of the lead off track “Old Friend”. The percussive intro instantly intrigues the listener and it’s already picked for PopMatters’ next New Music Playlist. The rest of the album is full of the solid songwriting skills of frontman Alex Church, allowing things to build with time in nuanced arrangements of subdued musical moments. Church is a California native who first hit the scene as a part of the dreamy psychedelic pop band Irving in 1998, until he began to create home recordings under the moniker Sea Wolf in 2003.

Old World Romance is due out 11 September, followed by a tour in support of this fourth collection by the group (see dates below).


09/16 North Hollywood, CA

10/03 Las Vegas, NV

10/04 Pioneertown, CA

10/05 Santa Ana, CA

10/06 Phoenix, AZ

10/07 Tucson, AZ

10/09 Denver, CO

10/11 St. Louis, MO

10/12 Louisville, KY

10/13 Cincinnati, OH

10/14 Columbus, OH

10/15 Pittsburgh, PA

10/16 Asbury Park, NJ

10/17 New York, NY

10/18 New York, NY

10/19 New York, NY

10/20 Boston, MA

10/21 Philadelphia, PA

10/22 Washington, DC

10/23 Toledo, OH

10/24 Chicago, IL

10/25 Milwaukee

10/26 Minneapolis, MN

10/29 Salt Lake City, UT

10/30 Missoula, MT

10/31 Pullman, WA

11/01 Seattle, WA

11/02 Vancouver, BC

11/03 Portland, OR

11/05 San Francisco, CA

11/07 Santa Cruz, CA

11/08 Fresno, CA

11/09 San Diego, CA

11/10 Los Angeles, CA

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